Hello/ How Are You/ My Name is

In the interest of constructing a reputable ethos, I will inform you that, to quote Laney Boggs from Not Another Teen Movie (2001), “I read Sylvia Plath, I listen to Bikini Kill and I eat Tofu. I am a unique rebel.”  I am also/have previously identified as a Post-Marxist Chicana feminist, a deep thinker, a connoisseur of cheap tequila and fast food, an American patriot,  a budding novelist, an active horticulture enthusiast, a lipstick lesbian, a left-wing libertarian, and an aspiring deep-sea diver.

It is my deepest wish that you might find this blog funny/entertaining/well-written and that one day we might meet, fall madly in love, and move to a nudist colony in Maine where we can practice free love, harmony, and Jewish Buddhism.


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